From left: Scott Mastic, Lara Kostruba (grade 10), Lia Milar (grade 11), Pica Zhuang (grade 10), Sam Robertson (grade 11), Francis Brand (grade 11), Grace Strelich (grade 11), Les Cambell
After an intense week of exploration, Anacapans enjoyed a traditional meal courtesy of the Sikh
Gurdwara of Ventura County.

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Anacapa Students Cover Bipartisan Foreign Policy Talk at Channel City Club

By Grace Strelich (grade 11) and Lia Milar (grade 11)

This week at the Channel City Club the topic presented was the sustainability of democracy in the Middle East and post-Arab Spring status reports. The discussion on Monday was made in tandem by a team consisting of Leslie Campbell of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for International Affairs and Scott Mastic of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Campbell is the director of the Middle East and North African division of … Read more

Lower School End-of-the-Year Trip: Sacramento

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Anacapa Lower School students headed to Northern California with Gordon, Suzie and Megan for the End-of-the-Year Trip. The amazing four days tied together this year’s American Society II class in state and local government – with a special and timely emphasis on water issues. The group spent three nights in the historic Williams Mansion, which is now the clean and well-run Sacramento International Hostel.

On the way up to Sacramento, students visited Romero Overlook Visitors Center (San Luis

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Anacapa Students Are Exploring Life’s Big Questions

Annual Synthesis Unit focuses on world religions

“The most powerful part of the unit was the way we had a variety of beliefs and gods as well as points of view. It felt almost as if we were traveling around the world getting to know the people and their religion along the way. Occasionally, it even felt as if we were traveling through time. It was an incredible week filled with lots of learning, experiences, and fun.”

-7th grade student

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