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An Independent 7-12 School.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is a weekly opportunity to engage our students in thoughtful ways about diverse areas of interest.  We invite guest speakers to present every Wednesday morning from about 7:50 AM to 8:10/8:15 and then field questions from the students for about 10+ minutes.  Speakers have included our local congressman, professors, entrepreneurs, directors of nonprofits, authors, publishers, an opera director, an architect, and war veterans.  Popular themes are how to start one's career and the importance of following your passion.  

Students' level of participation counts toward their overall citizenship grade.  Students are expected to be actively engaged, take notes, and ask questions to the speaker so that the experience is a dialogue, rather than a lecture.  

Our cooking elective prepares gourmet breakfast treats for the morning experience.  Students prepare quiche, donuts, frittatas, muffins, and other delectable items - all from scratch.