The structure of the English curriculum at Anacapa School takes advantage of small class sizes, an atmosphere of community learning, and a spirit of cooperation among the students.  Students read a wide variety of novels, short stories, poetry and drama while practicing active reading by annotating the text and identifying their own vocabulary.  Additionally, the student’s questions and insights drive a variety of small group and whole class discussions, activities, and projects.

The lower school curriculum is organized in a two-year program.  Students begin to learn analysis by studying character development, the elements of plot, figurative language, and theme through various texts.  Their course of study in writing includes spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and experimentation with different modes of writing, including poetry and five paragraph essays.

The upper school program is organized in a four-year cycle.  The four major areas of study are British, American, Modern and World Literature.  Students also learn about the social and cultural background of a text to recognize the connection between history and literature.  Along with further developing analytical and close reading skills, the students continue to practice different modes of writing.