Our academic philosophy:

We offer the core set of classes required to best position students for college success. Class sizes range from 3 students to 15 students. We create schedules based on the proficiency of our enrolled student population, and we develop an environment designed to maximize both student-to-student and student to teacher interactions. 

Our teachers develop and implement an inspiring, relevant and engaging curriculum. 

Our graduates have matriculated to a collection of colleges/universities best suited for their interests and passions. The goal of our college counseling program is to position students for great personal opportunity through the power of choice. 

We are a WASC and NAIS recognized institution.

2018-2019 School Profile:

The School


Anacapa School is an independent, college preparatory day school for grades 7 through 12 located in downtown Santa Barbara, California. The school is organized into two divisions: the Lower School (grades 7-8) and the Upper School (grades 9-12). With a maximum enrollment of 72 students, Anacapa classes are small. Average class size is 12.



Founded in 1981, Anacapa School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Academic Requirements


Minimum academic course requirements for graduation are: four years of English, three years of history, three years of foreign language, three years of mathematics, three years of science, and one year of fine arts. Academic courses have been approved by the University of California (UC) as satisfying the requirements for admission to UC (see attached UC-Approved Anacapa School Courses).



The Anacapa School curriculum is traditional and challenging. Writing, discussion, and critical thinking are emphasized across the curriculum. The faculty maintains high academic standards as well as high expectations for personal and academic integrity. Often, many upper school students enroll in college classes at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) to further supplement their rigorous class schedules.



Anacapa School does not rank its students.



Grade point averages (GPAs) are based on a 4-point scale, with the scale capped at 4.0. GPAs are not weighted. Physical elective classes are not included in GPA calculations. Courses are graded on a traditional A through F system (see attached Grading Policies). The faculty strives to make sure that grades are honest and hard-earned—not inflated.

Post-Secondary Education


Each year, 100% of Anacapa’s graduating seniors continue their education at two- or four-year colleges and universities.


UC-Approved Anacapa School Courses

The following Anacapa School courses meet University of California requirements for admission:

(a)  History
      U.S. Government
      U.S. History I and II
      World Geography
      World History I and II

(b)  English
      American Literature
      AP English Literature and Composition
      British Literature
      20th Century Modern Literature
      World Literature

(c)  Mathematics (* cannot be used to fulfill the “g” elective requirement)
      Algebra I and II (*)
      Business Algebra II (UCCI) (*)
      Geometry (*)

(d)  Laboratory Science
      Conceptual Physics
      Marine Biology

(e) Language Other Than English (* cannot be used to fulfill the “g” elective requirement)
      Spanish I, II, III, IV, and V (Spanish I *)

(f)  Visual / Performing Arts (* cannot be used to fulfill the “g” elective requirement)
      Advanced Independent Study Studio Art
      Animation 1, 2 (*)
      Art History (*)
      Ceramics 1, 2 (*)
      Chorus 1, 2 (*)
      Performing Arts 1, 2 (*)
      Photography 1, 2 (*)
      Studio Art I (*)
      Studio Art II

(g)  Elective Courses—All courses listed above under a-f with the exception of those marked with an asterisk (*) in Mathematics, Language Other Than  English, and Visual/Performing Arts; plus the following:
      AP Computer Science
      Introduction to Computer Science
      Multimedia Production
      Creative Writing
      Global Economics and Entrepreneurship
      Physical Anthropology
      Physical Science                                                                                                                                   

Grading Policies

Courses are graded on a traditional A through F system:

A         90%  -  100%
B         80%  -    89%
C         70%  -    79%
D         60%  -    69%
F          Below     60%

For written work, such as essays and term papers, the faculty has adopted the following grading scale:



Work that is of exceptional quality involving a deep and comprehensive understanding or original research of the highest quality or some brilliantly imaginative restructuring of an issue, etc.


Work that is of excellent quality; like an A but not quite so exceptional or marred in some minor way.


Work that is very good; does everything that is called for with some distinction and shows a better than average understanding or level of research or imagination.


Work that is good; does most of what could be asked for in a more than just satisfactory way.


Work that is fairly good; is of a more than just satisfactory nature but at the bottom of what is better than average.


Work that is satisfactory but no more than that; does on the whole what is asked for but at a level that is only fair.


Work that is just fair; all right but weak in conception, execution, etc.


Work that is poor but honest.


Work that is only passing; seriously confused, misguided, irrelevant, etc. but shows
some effort.


Work that is barely passing; same as D+ but without the effort.


Work that doesn’t pass.

** Anacapa School seeks to develop personal responsibility and integrity. In preparing and completing academic or creative work of any kind, all students must conduct themselves in an honest manner and refrain from practicing any form of academic dishonesty. Violations may occur in three primary categories: plagiarism, outright cheating, and excessive outside assistance. Students are expected to know the rules regarding academic honesty and to follow them. **