Our Approach

Anacapa School offers a 7th-12th grade academic experience for students and families who opt for a rigorous and innovative learning environment.

We deliver an education designed to emphasize and celebrate ingenuity. We recognize that inspiration is personal, and confidence is foundational for a successful student of life.

We believe in intelligent and complex discourse between students and their faculty. We believe in responsible risk-taking and the deep power of community.

We foster an environment designed to optimize independent thinkers working together to create a culture of creativity and compassion.

We embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that results from:

  • Synthesis: The synthesis of often disparate ideas, talents, and information
  • Passion: The enthusiasm to dive deep
  • Innovation: The confidence to pursue a path yet forged
  • Creativity: The harnessing of creative inspiration
  • Collaboration: The recognition that multiple and often different perspectives generate phenomenal outcomes


Anacapa School empowers students to excel at critical thinking, creativity, integrity and compassion.