Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Anacapa School is governed by a Board of Trustees.  Board members work collaboratively to create conditions necessary for the school’s success in expanding opportunities for our students to lead positive and productive lives.  They do so by providing a strategic framework for that success: ensuring the school’s fiscal health, increasing its endowment support, and overseeing outreach efforts that increase the size and diversity of a mission-appropriate student body. Members of the Board draw their expertise from many diverse areas, including the fields of education, law, finance, and business.  All of them devote many hours to ensuring that the Anacapa experience is the best it can possibly be for its past, current, and future students.

Karine Wegrzynowicz

Board Chair
VP of Customer Success and IT at TrackR

Karine Wegrzynowicz is a transformational leader who specializes in driving alignment between business and technology to facilitate success. She is distinguished by her ability to identify value creation, drive stakeholder consensus and fostering change by challenging status quo.

Karine’s career has spanned multiple global industries including Fortune 500 airline, automotive, industrial manufacturing, and consumer retail companies. She has managed large global teams, has spent several years abroad working in Paris, France, and has worked or traveled to over 68 countries.

Karine has also spent several years serving on the Institute of Internal Audit Standards Board, an industry association group responsible for setting standards for the Internal Audit profession globally.  Her area of focus was on the impact of technology advancements and how they should be considered within the profession.

Karine holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering with a minor in Accounting from the University of Michigan. She currently serves on the Anacapa School Board of Trustees as the Board Chair.  Her passions include promoting technology and coding at the earliest age possible both for girls and boys.

Tracy Colahan, Anacapa Alumna Parent and Founder/CEO Waypoint Acuity, Inc.

Gerald Comati, Anacapa Parent and Founder/President Com3 Consulting

Ann Padden-Rubin, Anacapa Parent

Kito Cetrulo 

Board Secretary
Assistant Head of School