Pictured on the left with Headmaster Gordon Sichi is David Gore, who serves as chairman of the Anacapa School board of trustees. After launching the Anacapa School Endowment in 2003, the school began in 2007 to take 5% annually from the fund for scholarships. This picture from the archives captures the moment the first check arrived. David Gore, who works as a professional certified financial planner, manages the endowment fund along with the Board’s investment committee.

The Anacapa School Endowment Fund: Foundation for the Future

The Anacapa School Endowment Fund is an unrestricted endowment fund for donations which are invested carefully to build long-term financial resources for the school. The primary use of the endowment fund is to provide scholarship support and to enhance the school’s ability to attract and retain quality teachers. Income from the endowment fund also supports program enhancements and campus improvements. The endowment fund is managed by the Board of Trustees separately from the school’s annual operating budget and established reserve account. The annual disbursement from the endowment fund is limited to earnings from investments in the account plus an amount not to exceed five percent (5%) of the asset value. These annual disbursements have been essential to balancing the school’s budget. As the endowment grows, more income will be generated to support our students. The endowment is a great way for donors with eyes on the future to give gifts that will keep giving! Donate Now!