Annual Giving

Santa Cruz 2014

Students and teachers together shared some very big adventures on our Beginning-of-the-Year Trip to Santa Cruz Island, kayaking into sea caves, snorkeling in the open ocean, and climbing to the top of El Montañon.

7-12 Like No One Else!

At Anacapa School, we are steadfast in our commitment to provide a vibrant educational experience designed specifically for students in grades 7-12. We believe passionately that this is the key time of life for our students to start on exuberant paths to positive and productive lives.

Our program’s three-part philosophy, symbolized by our tri-color logo, guides students to become well-rounded individuals with solid technical skills, critical thinking acumen, and personal/social attributes that accentuate integrity, kindness, and creativity.

Because of the positive contacts Anacapa students have with their peers and teachers, they develop excellent people skills and become natural team players. It is a well-known fact that Anacapa students look adults in the eye and are courteous and respectful to others. Time and again, we hear from people around town that Anacapa kids are a happy bunch!

The word Anacapa means ever-changing in the native Chumash language. Because we believe students deserve up-to-date information about our contemporary world, we bring the outside world into our school on a regular basis. Anacapa’s morning speaker program called Breakfast Club introduces us to a broad range of topics we might not cover in the regular classroom as inspiring guest speakers share their life passions with us.

The annual Anacapa Synthesis Unit sharpens our critical thinking skills as students and teachers explore a big topic in depth. The timely focus of this year’s Synthesis Unit will be the complex history of the Middle East and the conflicts that permeate this volatile region in our world.

At the heart of the Anacapa experience is the role our faculty plays in our students’ lives. Close personal relationships built upon trust keep students and their teachers knit together during regular school days, school trips, volunteer projects, extra-curricular activities, campus work projects, and more.

The powerful dynamic of our teachers and students working together as a team was showcased recently on our Beginning-of-the-Year Trip to Santa Cruz Island. Teachers and students planned their own menus, bought the food, organized the camps, and shared a challenging hike and educational activities together. The cohesion of our student and faculty team is enhanced and strengthened by the greater Anacapa community – parents, alumni, grandparents, trustees, and other friends of the school – who help make the Anacapa experience possible for our students. That’s why we turn to you at this time of the year to ask for your financial support.

We are very pleased to report that 100% of our faculty, staff, and board of trustees have already donated to the 2014-2015 annual giving campaign, demonstrating an unparalleled level of commitment to our shared endeavor. We invite you to join this dedicated group by making your tax-deductible donation today. Thank you!

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