School Activities

Beginning-of-the-Year Trip: Santa Cruz Island

September 15-18, 2014

Teachers Attending the Trip: Bryan Anderson, Hugo Macario, Megan Nesland, Gordon Sichi, Suzie Sichi, and Dillon Yuhasz.

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Pre-Trip Orientation Activities
Students prepared for the Santa Cruz Island Trip with a number of pre-trip orientation activities during the afternoons of the first week of school:

  • On Friday, September 5, our new school year orientation program included kayaking sessions at Leadbetter Beach to let the students practice their kayaking skills. Channel Islands Outfitters provided the kayaks and
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Commencement 2014

Anacapa School Class of 2014 from left: Genn Hatfield, Aija Mayrock, Allen Zhang, Matthew Nunez, Shayna Smith, Anya Ledner.

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Anacapa’s graduation celebrated the six members of the Class of 2014 at a commencement ceremony on June 13th at the Santa Barbara Woman’s Club (Rockwood), but the graduating seniors were not the only ones in the spotlight. Following tradition, Anacapa recognized the accomplishments of the entire student body during the all-school awards ceremony.

After an outdoor patio reception for … Read more

The Importance of the Trips at Anacapa School

Upper School students met with Reverend Dr. Robert Allan Hill at Boston University. Dr. Hill addressed his role in the university community following the tragic events at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Upper School Boston Trip | Lower School Sacramento Trip

There is no doubt that Anacapa trips are some of the most positive long-term memories students take away from their Anacapa years. A comment often heard over the years from our alumni is that they appreciate the fact that they … Read more

Anacapa Students Report on Talk about American Security in a Post-Snowden Era

Channel City Club speaker and national security expert Frederick Fleitz with Anacapa Anacapa School students, from left, Lara Kostruba, Lia Milar, Grace Strelich, Emilia Artusio and Jae Heun Roe.

by Grace Strelich

On May 20th at the Channel City Club and Committee on Foreign Relations luncheon, speaker Frederick Fleitz touched on the relevant topic of a post-Snowden era for American security. Fleitz has served in United States national security areas for twenty-five years, holding positions in the CIA, Defense Intelligence … Read more

Anacapa Students Honor The Boys Who Stormed Normandy

Lia Millar, a junior at Anacapa School, greets Art Petersen, who was a U.S. Army paratrooper on D-Day.

Anacapa School has a long history of honoring veterans. On every Veterans Day, our school is in session to take advantage of community events honoring veterans and to be able to invite speakers onto our campus to share their experiences as veterans with our students and teachers. Two men who have made numerous appearances at Anacapa in the past were recently honored … Read more

Anacapa Students Cover Former Pakistan Ambassador at Channel City Club

Husain Haqqani, center, former Pakistan ambassador to the United States, with Anacapa School students, from left, junior Jae Heun Roe, junior Rufus O’Dea, freshman Elena Alcerro, sophomore Nike Cosmides and senior Genevieve Hatfield.

By Anacapa Students Nike Cosmides (grade 10) & Genevieve Hatfield (grade 12)

To provide insight into Pakistani-American relations, Husain Haqqani, the former Pakistan ambassador to the United States from 2008-2011, spoke to the Channel City Club this week about his newest book Magnificent Delusions: Pakistan, the United … Read more

‘Talking the Talk’ in Foreign Language Classes

From the Anacapa School Foreign Language Department …

While there are many challenging and complex components to learning a foreign language, (to be able to comprehend, read, translate, and write, etc.), one of the greatest and most important challenges can be pronunciation. Consider for a moment the language of English and some of its confusing pronunciation details. For example, the letter “h” in “hat” is pronounced, but not in “ghost”; the same goes for the letter “k” in “kitten” and … Read more

Anacapa School Troupe to Present ‘Seussical The Musical’

Independent school’s theater group will revisit the humor and wisdom of Dr. Seuss in its performance next month

Center Stage Theater in downtown Santa Barbara will host Anacapa School’s rendition of “Seussical the Musical.”

April 23, 2014 — Santa Barbara, Calif.

Anacapa School’s performing arts department will present “Seussical the Musical” with performances on May 16 and 17 at 7:00 pm at the Center Stage Theater in Paseo Nuevo shopping center in downtown Santa Barbara.

Tony Award-winning musicians Lynn Ahrens … Read more

Anacapa Students Cover Bipartisan Foreign Policy Talk at Channel City Club

From left: Scott Mastic, Lara Kostruba (grade 10), Lia Milar (grade 11), Pica Zhuang (grade 10), Sam Robertson (grade 11), Francis Brand (grade 11), Grace Strelich (grade 11), Les Cambell

By Grace Strelich (grade 11) and Lia Milar (grade 11)

This week at the Channel City Club the topic presented was the sustainability of democracy in the Middle East and post-Arab Spring status reports. The discussion on Monday was made in tandem by a team consisting of Leslie Campbell of … Read more

Dr. Sung Won Sohn Speaks on the U.S. Economy

Anacapa School students and Channel City Club members were in attendance for Dr. Sohn’s presentation on Monday. From left: Jae Heun (grade 11) Roe, Jack Rousso (grade 9), Allen Zhang (grade 12), Rufus O’Dea (grade 11), Judith Hill, Carmel Hammerle, Pica Zhuang (grade 10), Shayna Smith (grade 12).

By Shayna Smith (grade 12)

The Channel City Club and Committee on Foreign Relations welcomed well-known economist, Sung Won Sohn, Ph.D., to a luncheon held on Monday at the Fess Parker Resort … Read more

The 30th Annual Anacapa School Auction

Buy tickets online | Live auction preview

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From the Anacapa Visual Arts Department

I’m writing on a Tuesday night, having taught Photography today. Our class looked like this: the students who are new to Photography this semester got a lecture on the elements of design and composition. Then they looked at an Henri Cartier Bresson book to spot those elements in his work. Meanwhile, at the other side of the classroom, the students who have taken Photography before set up a light kit and used Key, Fill and Background lights to create … Read more

Anacapa Students Are Exploring Life’s Big Questions

Annual Synthesis Unit focuses on world religions

After a week of exploration, Anacapans enjoyed a traditional meal courtesy of the Sikh Gurdwara of Ventura County.

“The most powerful part of the unit was the way we had a variety of beliefs and gods as well as points of view. It felt almost as if we were traveling around the world getting to know the people and their religion along the way. Occasionally, it even felt as if we were traveling

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A Word from the Anacapa English Department

Lower School Literature: 7th Grade
The most recent project for Peggy’s 7th grade Literature class had students engaged in creating their own nations with both political and economic systems. The project is a follow-up to the students’ reading of Animal Farm by George Orwell. After we read the novel, we discussed how the rebellion and new society conceived by the animals of Manor Farm is an analogy for the Russian Revolution. A short lesson in the history of the revolution … Read more

PBS’s Bonnie Erbé Speaks on Birth Tourism

By Rufus O’Dea and Elena Alcerro, Anacapa School Students

Bonnie Erbé, journalist and host of the PBS news program “To The Contrary,” now in its 23rd season, spoke to members of the Channel City Club on Monday about her views on birth tourism, the term used for foreign nationals who come to the United States with the intention of giving birth on American soil to grant their children U.S. citizenship under terms of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.… Read more

Christian Whiton on Diplomacy and War

At the invitation of the Channel City Club, students from Anacapa School were in attendance at a luncheon on Wednesday, January 15, 2013 for a presentation by Christian Whiton. In the photo from left to right:
Rufus O’Dea (grade 11), Christian Whiton, Grace Strelich (grade 11), Elise Goodell (grade 10), Lia Milar (grade 11), Jack Rousso (grade 9) and Elena Alcerro (grade 9).

By Anacapa School 11th Grade Students Grace Strelich and Lia Milar

Christian Whiton, a former U.S. State … Read more

Anacapans Take Pride in Their Campus

Anacapa School’s historic campus, located in the heart of the Santa Barbara civic center, is a source of pride for the Anacapa community, and everyone works together to keep it shipshape. Students share in the responsibility to care for the campus with both five-minute jobs and the work study program.

At the end of each school day, every student is responsible for a five-minute job which ranges from erasing the boards to taking out the trash. With all 59 students … Read more

Grassroots Performers Bring Motown to Our Town

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On Friday and Saturday, January 10th and 11th, Anacapa’s Grassroots performers from the Performing Arts and Ensemble Music classes put on two performances of “Motown Magic” at Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara. The performers have been working all semester to perfect songs from the Motown collection—memorable hits such as “”Sugar Pie, Honeybunch,” “Just My Imagination,” and “Mister Postman.” By showtime, the classic two- and three-part singing techniques and iconic dance moves were ready for primetime!

“It was … Read more

From the Performing Arts Department

Students in Performing Arts practice for their January performance at Center Stage Theater.

Motown Magic
Friday, January 10, at 7:30 P.M. (NOTE EARLY TIME)
Saturday, January 11, at 7:30 P.M. (NOTE EARLY TIME)
TICKETS: $10 general, $5 students, Anacapa students free with ID

This semester, students in the Performing Arts elective class are busy preparing for their January performance, “Motown Magic,” which will be presented at Center Stage Theater in Paseo Nuevo on Friday and Saturday evenings, January … Read more

World Record-Setting Aviator to Speak at Anacapa

Julian Nott will share his exciting and daring adventures as a balloonist

Julian Nott worked with NASA in 2007 to observe meteors associated with Comet Kiess’ close encounter with Earth. (NASA photo)

December 5, 2013 — Santa Barbara, Calif.

Julian Nott, considered to be one of the founders of the modern ballooning movement, will share his exciting and daring adventures in the skies at Anacapa School’s Breakfast Club assembly on Wednesday, December 11 between 7:50 and 8:30 a.m.

Nott has … Read more

Anacapa School Students To Sing ‘Songs of Love’

Students to join singer-songwriter Lanny Sherwin on tracks to benefit children’s charity

November 26, 2013 — Santa Barbara, Calif.

The entire Anacapa School student body along with its faculty will be raising their voices in a “Song of Love” for a teenager they will probably never meet. On December 9 between 7:50 and 8:30 a.m., students and teachers at the independent school are lending their time and vocal talents to help singer-songwriter and Anacapa dad Lanny Sherwin create a personalized … Read more

A Look at Athletics at Anacapa School

At Anacapa School, students and faculty alike are pushed to establish and maintain healthy, active lifestyles. From Breakfast Club speakers to club offerings to elective classes, Anacapa makes sure that every student finds an activity that fits their personal interests while encouraging us all to be physically fit. During this first semester, students have a variety of opportunities to get muscles working and hearts pumping, including elective classes such as Basketball, Soccer, Rock Climbing and SB Trails, as well as … Read more

Neeva & Pica Are Presidio Heritage Garden Interns

The wheelbarrow is behaving itself for the time being as Pica and Neeva relocate pups from the misi luki banana. Photo by Michael Imwalle.

A short piece from Neeva and Pica about their internship at the Presidio Heritage Garden originally published in Dispatches from the Presidio Neighborhood, a blog produced by the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation.

We are the new Presidio Heritage Garden interns at El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park, Neeva and Pica. … Read more

From The Anacapa School Science & Mathematics Departments

Lower School Physical Science   (Megan Nesland)

Physical Science offers Lower School students a chance to appreciate the scientific concepts at work in the world around us.  Students use weekly lab assignments to investigate everyday phenomena, with an emphasis on the ongoing question:  why do things work the way that they do?  Students have many activities and projects to look forward to throughout the year, including a culminating project in which they design their own roller coasters based on their knowledge … Read more