Financial Aid

Anacapa works hard to meet families’ financial needs. The quality of our school has always been enhanced significantly by the presence of scholarship students within our community.  We believe strongly that everyone benefits from Anacapa’s commitment to enroll an economically diverse student body, and we are proud of the legacy we have established in meeting the financial needs of hard-working families who are willing to make an investment to provide their children with the benefits of an Anacapa education.

Since its founding in 1981, Anacapa has had a financial aid program for students who qualify on the basis of both financial need and merit.

Financial Need

Eligibility for financial aid is based upon a family’s demonstrated financial need.  Parents requesting tuition assistance are asked to complete the school’s Tuition Assistance Application.


Eligibility for financial aid is also based upon a student’s overall merit.  Because students with financial aid are expected to maintain a 3.0 (or B) grade point average, scholarship applicants should already be achieving at this level or higher.  Standardized test scores and attendance records are also taken into account.  In assessing overall merit, Anacapa looks beyond grades and test scores to consider other strengths such as good citizenship, creative talents, and positive “people skills.”

Anacapa’s financial aid takes two forms:  Work/Study and Scholarships.


At Anacapa, all students end each day by completing a chore called a five-minute job.  In addition, scholarship students participate in the school’s Work/Study program, earning $1,200 of their tuition by working 30 minutes each day after school.  Their jobs include vacuuming, dusting, and other light cleaning.  The atmosphere on campus during the half hour of Work/Study is always quite lively and supportive as students work in teams supervised by teachers and older Work/Study students.


Anacapa’s scholarships are outright gifts from the school given to students of merit whose families have a demonstrated financial need.  Scholarship amounts vary according to a family’s need.  Books and trips are additional expenses beyond tuition, and they are not covered by scholarships.  The total yearly cost of books and trips is typically around $1,000.