Math helps students develop skills in reasoning, logical thinking, and problem solving, and these skills carry over to life in general. Anacapa’s math teachers help students build confidence in thinking mathematically—understanding abstract concepts and learning how and when to apply them to solve a wide range of problems. Along the way, teachers share their appreciation of not only the practical usefulness of math but also its abstract beauty.

Anacapa’s math offerings encompass the range of classes from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. Math course placement is dependent upon a student’s skill level and prior course achievement. Our goal is to prepare students for college-level mathematics with the skills needed for success in math, the sciences, and engineering for those who choose to pursue post-secondary courses in these fields.

Teachers provide opportunities for active involvement with activities such as the popular house model project in Algebra I and cooperative problem-solving at the board in all math classes. The annual Family Math Fair brings students and their parents and siblings to campus to share the fun of the puzzles and challenges created by the math teachers.