The structure of the English curriculum at Anacapa School takes advantage of the small size of the school, the small class sizes, the atmosphere of community learning, and the spirit of cooperation among all students. The upper school program is organized in a four-year cycle. All high school students take the same course during the same year, so class sections are made up of students from all four grades. The four major areas of study in literature for the upper school are British, American, Modern, and World Literature. Critical writing skills are taught at all levels.

The lower school curriculum is organized into a two-year program. Seventh and eighth grade students are in the same class and read a wide variety of literature over the two year period. Their course of study in writing includes spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and experimentation with different in writing modes, including poetry and five paragraph essays.

Anacapa offers an Advanced English Literature and Composition course to 11th and 12th grade students who have demonstrated well developed skills and interest in English. Each year’s offering is based in the texts studied by the other upper school students, but AP students do extra readings as well as in depth studies of analytical reading and writing appropriate to preparation for taking the Advanced Placement Literature and Composition exam.