Mission & Philosophy


Anacapa’s Mission

Through academic and experiential learning, Anacapa School inspires each individual in our strategically small and diverse student community by encouraging critical thinking, creativity, integrity, and compassion.

Philosophy of Education

The Philosophy that has guided Anacapa School since our founding, organizes the school program into three components: technical knowledge, personal/social knowledge, and critical knowledge.

Technical Knowledge centers upon the core college preparatory curriculum. Along with mathematics, science, history, social science, English and foreign language classes, Anacapa offers students numerous classes for developing technical abilities in other areas such as the fine arts and sports.

Personal/Social Knowledge encourages the development of the individual within the context of the greater communities in which we live. School activities and special events are designed to expand self-knowledge, self-confidence, and personal responsibility.

Critical Knowledge is Anacapa School’s most unique philosophical characteristic. The founders of the school felt strongly that critical thinking should infuse the different aspects of the school program. Asking questions as a way to discover knowledge is the fundamental principle behind the concept of critical thinking at Anacapa. Critical thinking is encouraged in classes by fostering an atmosphere that welcomes questions and dialogue between students and teachers.