Head of Faculty Suzie Sichi & Headmaster Gordon Sichi

Because the school’s founding headmaster, Gordon Sichi, and founding teacher, Suzie Sichi, continue to lead Anacapa School, there has been a consistent and strong “delivery” of the school’s purpose and philosophy. Anacapa’s academic programs, trips, Synthesis Units, Breakfast Clubs, and supportive school community continue each year to evolve positively under their leadership.

Gordon has 40 years of teaching experience in Santa Barbara. In 1994, he was awarded the George Washington Medal of Honor for Educational Achievement by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. This national award recognized Gordon’s inspired and dedicated teaching, his promotion of informed and responsible citizenship, and his creation of the school’s Synthesis Unit program to develop critical thinking skills.

Suzie has taught at Anacapa since the school’s founding in 1981. Her fine arts background has been a big impetus to developing Anacapa’s outstanding arts program. In addition to her studio art classes, Suzie enjoys teaching Geometry and all levels of Italian. As head of faculty, Suzie inspires teachers to work as a team to deliver high-quality education in a personalized school setting.