Board of Trustees


Back row from left: Gordon Sichi, Julie Proctor, Carolyn Chrisman, David Gore, Steve Nipper, Suzie Sichi
Front row from left: Eric Lassen, Lanny Sherwin, Ziggy Peake, Rick Knowles, Larry Cooper

Anacapa School is governed by a Board of Trustees.  Board members work collaboratively to create conditions necessary for the school’s success in expanding opportunities for our students to lead positive and productive lives.  They do so by providing a strategic framework for that success: ensuring the school’s fiscal health, increasing its endowment support, and overseeing outreach efforts that increase the size and diversity of a mission-appropriate student body. Members of the Board draw their expertise from many diverse areas, including the fields of education, law, finance, and business.  All of them devote many hours to ensuring that the Anacapa experience is the best it can possibly be for its past, current, and future students.

Dan Bernstein, Anacapa Alumni Parent

Carolyn Chrisman, Animation Director

Larry Cooper, Owner, Health Classics

David Gore, Financial Planner

Eric Lassen, Architect

Julie Ligon, Anacapa Alumni Parent

Steve Nipper, Owner/President, Sol Wave Water

Ziggy Peake, President/Founder, Sling technologies, Inc.

Julie Proctor, Anacapa Alumni Parent

Lanny Sherwin, Anacapa Parent

Gordon Sichi, Anacapa Headmaster/Teacher

Suzie Sichi, Anacapa Head of Faculty/Teacher