End-of-the-Year Trip: Dodgers Stadium & Sage Hill Trip

Lower School students gather around the picnic table for a dinner they prepared themselves.

Dodgers Stadium & Sage Hill Trip

June 11-14, 2017

Faculty Chaperones Included Bryan Anderson, Emily de Moor, Hugo Macario, Brittany Ragan, Emily Regan, Gordon Sichi, Suzie Sichi, and Dillon Yuhasz

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Student Quote:

“It was really enjoyable to listen to all of the positive comments people had to say to each other during our trip. It made me smile and it really showed me that this school is like a family.” Sophie, 7th grade

Sunday, June 11

We departed at 9:30 am to watch the Dodgers play the Cincinnati Reds. It was a perfect day for Dodger baseball with a comfortable 70 degrees and cloudy skies. We arrived early in the field bleachers section ready for the “all you can eat” Dodger Dog feast. Ryu, a South Korean born pitcher, was the starter for the Dodgers. He got rattled early and quickly gave up 3 homeruns.  In recent years, Angelinos would have lost hope in their team but there is a different attitude this year.  The Dodgers bounced back with some homeruns themselves but were behind 7 to 3 starting the 8th inning. Then, the excitement began. Kike Hernandez had an amazing 16 pitch at bat and finally drew a walk. Future Hall-of-Famer Chase Utley worked the count and drew another walk to walk in a run. With the score 7 to 5 and bases full, Cory Seager came to bat and crushed his 1st grand slam of his young and promising career with the homerun ball landing just in front of us! Anacapa and the crowd went crazy!  Altogether, the Dodgers scored 5 runs in the 8th inning. Relief pitching ace Kenley Jansen then came into the game in the top of the ninth inning for his 200th save! We knew we witnessed an amazing game and comeback victory! The best game most of us will ever see! We returned back to Campus on time at 7:00 pm, pumped up after such an exciting game, the first major league baseball game for most of our Anacapa students—and what a game!

Student Quote:

“Visiting Dodger Stadium was amazing. It was my first baseball game that I saw in person. I was very excited to see the Dodgers play. The trip filled me with team spirit just watching them play!” Daniel, 7th grade

Students cheer at Dodger Stadium.

Students cheer at Dodger Stadium.

Students Athena and Rocelia are all smiles at the Dodger game.

Students Athena and Rocelia are all smiles at the Dodger game.

Monday, June 12

We departed at 9:30 am for the second part of our End of the Year Trip to Sage Hill Group Campground along the Santa Ynez River. With plenty of rain this winter, the Santa Ynez River was running strongly for the first time in five years. After setting up camp on a beautiful, 80 degree, sunny day, we then had lunch. At 1:00 pm, Madeline Ward, the City of Santa Barbara Water Conversation Supervisor arrived to make an informative presentation on the role of the Santa Ynez Watershed in the South Coast’s water distribution system. She had photo boards that showed the watershed and history of the dams on the river, the first being Gibraltar Reservoir, then Jamison Reservoir, and in the 1950’s Lake Cachuma. All three of these reservoirs are connected to the South Coast by tunnels that were each very challenging to build through the mountains. After her informative presentation, we took off in the vans to dip into the river at the Falls Day Use Area. After a couple of hours of frolicking in the abundant fresh water, we returned to camp to prepare for the Second Annual Anacapa Cook Off. Each food group creatively prepared a taco dinner to be judged on teamwork, presentation and taste. One aspect of the cooking contest that makes it unique from others are the sabotages. This year sabotages included forcing a team to use slim jims in their tacos, preventing a team from speaking, and forcing a team to use marshmallow skewers to cook their entire meal. Teams worked together and overcame these many challenges to present some very delicious tacos and sides from classic tacos pastor, to spaghetti and garlic bread tacos, and more. The winning team was Hugo Macario’s food group with their creative use of their sabotage of frozen waffles as tacos and filled them with bananas, cookies and whipped cream for a desert taco.

After the Cook Off, everyone had dinner and then cleaned up. Everyone was in a playful mood with Frisbees flying and lots of hanging out with friends. After the all-school meeting to discuss the plans for the next day, it was decided that everyone was pretty tired, and it was a good idea to get to bed early for some rest. The air in the valley turned very cold in the middle of the night, so most people said they got very cold in the night.

Student Quotes:

“Our food group worked incredibly well as a team during the cooking competition. We were efficient and expertly prepared our dish.” Alexandre, 11th grade

“I was in the group that could not talk when trying to make tacos. This made all of us have to try to communicate clearly without using words.” Julia, 7th grade


Madeline Ward (right), City of Santa Barbara Water Conversation Supervisor


Anne, 10th grade, takes a leap into the water.


Students prepare for the Second Annual Anacapa Cook Off.

Anna, 11th grade, plays frisbee with fellow students.

Anna, 11th grade, plays frisbee with fellow students.

Tuesday, June 13

The plans for the day centered on an all school hike up the Santa Ynez River to Third Pool. We began by shuttling 25 Upper School students to the Red Rock trailhead. After a short walk, we stopped at the Red Rock pools, a popular party spot on the river, to clean up litter, which included plenty of broken glass. The Lower School arrived 45 minutes later with the second shuttle. Then we all took off for Third Pool on an easy trail crossing the river many times, which was low in parts and full in other parts. Third Pool is a huge pool with fresh, deep water. The temperature of the water was very comfortable, so students were able to stay in the water for a long time and sun themselves on the rock wall across the river. We didn’t leave Third Pool until 3:00 o’clock for the easy walk back to the trailhead. After the two shuttles, everyone was back in camp by 5:30 pm, just in time to prepare the evening dinners. The volleyball net was set up and the pick up game was active and lively. Because this was the last night of the trip, a campfire was lit after dinner for the traditional end of the trip Appreciations Ceremony. The Senior Class of 2017 had purchased a soft Dodger Dog toy for a talking stick to pass around for each person to share his or her own positive appreciations of friends and moments on the trip. All enjoyed the infectious laughter, positive vibes and touching reflections.

After appreciations, an old friend and humorist, Dann LaTurdy, from the Bakersfield Ufology Society, visited the school. Dann started with a small group around the campfire talking to the students about UFO’s and his disdain for the Federal Government. However, as more students started to gather the talk morphed into a Q and A on a variety of topics ranging from aliens to Dann’s personal life. Some of the questions asked were, “Would aliens be offended by our representations of them?” “Have you ever seen an alien?” “What is your opinion of the movie Independence Day?” “Why are you afraid of marshmallows?” and, “What is your opinion of the movie The Notebook?”

Student Quotes:

“Appreciations are a good opportunity to slow down and really think about who and what you are grateful for. I was personally moved by many people’s emotional, thoughtful, and heartfelt appreciations.” Natalie, 11th grade

“Swimming in the river was very special to me because it really made me stop and look around. As a shy 7th graders coming, I was very self-conscious and remained on land while my fellow classmates splashed around in the water. This year, I made a goal to swim as much as I could during the trips and I did! Swimming with my classmates I realized that this is what has been missing in my life – a moment to myself and with my friends.” Aylin, 9th grade


Students hike Red Rock Trail.

The students enjoy a game of volleyball.

Students enjoy a game of volleyball.


Senior Elena speaks at the traditional Anacapa School Appreciations Ceremony.


Students get a surprise visit from the one and only Dann LaTurdy.

Wednesday, June 14

After breakfast, we had our last Breakfast Club of the year with the arrival of a Type 3 U.S. Forest Service fire truck (Engine 342) with its 5-man crew. After a brief introduction of the team and their different roles, each truck compartment was opened and the contents were explained, including tools, medical supplies, hose packs, water pumping controls, fire fighter packs, and fittings. The importance of physical training and firefighting training were emphasized, and the importance of a fire shelter as a last resort survival tool was explained. After demonstrating how a water hose works, the crew left with horns and sirens blasting. Everyone then returned to packing up for a 1:00 pm bus pick up. The last stop of the year was the Lake Cachuma dam overlook. David Flores of the Cachuma Operations and Maintenance Board met us at the dam overlook, along with a field biologist, for an informative presentation on the history of Lake Cachuma and its connecting tunnel. From the field biologist we learned about the challenges of maintaining water flows for the endangered Steelhead Trout, which was abundant all along the Santa Ynez River before the dam was constructed. The bus returned to Campus 30 minutes early at 2:30 and the unloading was well organized.

Student Quote:

“I really enjoyed learning about the experiences the firefighters had and hearing about their fire den which they used as a last resort in life or death situations. This gave me a new found respect for firefighters.” Piero, 11th grade

Students explore the fire truck.

Students explore the fire truck.

Leah, 7th grade, gets to see what its like to spray the fire hose.

Leah, 7th grade, gets to see what its like to spray the fire hose.


Bradbury Dam - Lake Cachuma

Bradbury Dam – Lake Cachuma

Way to go Anacapa! 35 Years of safe and successful trips!