Anacapa School Welcomes Back Shaun Tomson

Anacapa students stand with Shaun Tomson at the historical Alhecama Theatre.

Surfing legend, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Shaun Tomson, returned to Anacapa School’s Breakfast Club on May 18th, after five years. Shaun is the author of the best seller The Code: The Power of “I Will, a book inspired by his presentation to Anacapa School in 2012.

After Tomson’s first Breakfast Club at Anacapa School, he asked the students to create their own personal code, their vision for their future, beginning each sentence with I will. Anacapa Headmaster, Gordon Sichi had the students complete the assignment and sent them to Shaun as a “thank you.” Elena (Class of 2017), then in 7th grade, wrote an especially inspiring code, “I will be myself.” The responses, Elena’s included, were what led Tomson to his next book.

Elena (left) stands with Shaun Tomson (center) and Headmaster Gordon Sichi (right).

“What was sent back to me was poetry of pure power – so powerful in fact that I used what they sent me as the basis for my book: The Code – the Power of “I will” that has inspired hundreds of thousands of other students around the world,” said Shaun Tomson. “The Anacapa students started an enormous positive wave that keeps rolling across the world, building strength each day. I am so grateful for their inspiration.”

“We [were] thrilled to welcome Shaun Tomson back to Anacapa School to continue his message of empowering people,  to create their own personal code, like what happened at our Breakfast Club five years ago,” said Gordon Sichi, Headmaster at Anacapa School. “Dynamic speakers like Shaun help to open up our students’ minds and develop their critical thinking skills.”

After Shaun’s presentation, each student received a copy of The Code – the Power of “I will”. During a breakfast Club the following week, students each wrote their own codes. Here are a few of those codes:

I will always keep learning.

I will love in the face of hate.

I will overcome my challenges.

I will be kind to myself.

I will be fearless.

I will set a good example.

I will live in the moment.

I will stand up for others.

I will spend more time with family.

I will be more environmentally friendly.

I will be honest and true.

I will live by my code.

“I was so excited to see Shaun speak after I read his book. His book and his talk were inspiring and relatable. I created a code for myself to help motivate me in my soccer career.” – 9th Grader

See a full list of Anacapa students’ codes HERE.

We are so grateful to Shaun for sharing his journey with us and for inspiring us to achieve our goals.