Literature Society Luncheon


The students in the AP Literature class once again had the wonderful experience of attending a gathering of the Santa Barbara Literary Society luncheon. It is the eleventh time Anacapa students have been hosted by the Literary Society. Along with their teacher, Peggy Lauer, the students had the invaluable experience and honor of meeting privately with Hector Tobar, the author of Deep Down Dark, the true story of thirty-three Chilean miners who were trapped in a collapsed mine for sixty-nine days. In an hour-long session, Mr. Tobar spoke to the students about how he became an author, described his writing process, and elaborated on the three years he spent working on Deep Down Dark, interviewing the miners many times to get their stories. Mr. Tobar’s gregarious personality put the students instantly at ease. Because they had read the book beforehand, the students had lots of questions to ask. After the session with Mr. Tobar, Peggy and her students joined the members of the Literary Society for an elegant meal and Mr. Tobar’s address to the group. The Anacapans spread out, joining the members at their tables and discussing the book with them over lunch. In evaluating the experience the next day in class, senior Clayton Parker wrote, “Lunch and literature, what’s not to love.”